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Flight ProFlight ProMake your travel dreams a reality and take to the skies!

Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying

A Flight Sim that offers 'Real Life Flying' with Accurate Worldwide Scenery based on Actual Military Mapping, over 20,000 of the World's Airports and 80+ Different Planes....

FlightProSimV2.2.2 is the Game Flight Fans have Been Waiting for...

With 100+ aircraft to master, from the 1903 Wright Flyer to the latest military fighter jet and you know you will be busy for months...

Add in changeable weather, 20,000+ airports, life like controls, NASA flight models, World Wide Scenery based on US Defense Mapping AND FREE lifetime updates / upgrades you know you will be busy for years...


I loaded the 747 to attempt a flight. Once airborne, you immediately notice the lag in the controls as you attempt to maneuver this juggernaut of the sky.... faithfully reproduces the feeling of flying a “heavy”, with all the sedateness you would expect.

Flight ProFlight ProOne of the Most Realistic Flight Sims Available

Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying
FlightProSim™ is a FlightGear fork and has been built to be as close to real life as possible. Everything from terrain, aircraft reactions, to planetary alignments & movements.

The virtual controls are based on Real Life cockpits and you will find night flying more enjoyable with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas, car headlights on major roadways and accurate airport approach lighting. It doesn't get any closer to the real thing...


  • S-51-on_carrier_2The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA
  • FlightProSimAccurate Terrain
  • FlightProSimFly over The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
  • FlightProSimGet Ready For Take Off








Flight ProFlight ProYou get 100% Freedom, Amazing Scenery And A Sophisticated Sky Model


Flight ProFlightProSim™ features highly detailed time of day modeling that places the sun, moon, stars, and planets correctly based on Real Time data from your computer clock.

If it's dawn in Beijing right now, it's dawn in the sim right now when you locate yourself in virtual Beijing.

The sun, moon, stars, and planets all follow their correct courses through the sky. The modeling also correctly takes into account seasonal effects so you have 24 hour days north of the Arctic Circle in the Summer...

Flight ProFlight ProChangeable Weather

Flight Pro

If flying with perfect weather at dawn is just not a challenge anymore, why not add another dimension and watch your plane soar through gail's, wind, rain, snow or even lightning. You have the control to choose this, or for added realism why not use real life data.

FlightProSim™ can calculate your nearest airport and fetch the current METAR for that station from the NOAA weather service. The atmosphere parameters calculated are: temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional) and visibility.

The aircraft responds to control inputs, just as the real one would, it is quite astonishing the quality of the flying produced in this simulator. To be honest, in this respect it's so polished, I could write page after page on it, but I'm sure by now you get the idea...

Flight ProFlight Pro100+ Planes and Helicopters

Flight ProThe list of available aircraft varies from the Wright Brother’s first plane to today’s state-of-the-art military fighter jets and even medical helicopters. As for available terrains, you can fly anywhere on the entire planet!

You can even use all the free aircraft created from the FlightGear community.

With realism from the sloped runways to the real life controls, this sim makes you realize what you've been missing all these years.

It's really makes for an interesting experience when you release the brakes and find yourself rolling backwards down the runway.

The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together. ~Bill Gates


Flight ProFlight ProNow You Are In Control

Flight Pro

The added bonus is that FlightProSim™ is based on OpenGL graphics rendering. This means the program can really do just about anything and make it look realistic.

FlightProSim™ is the first commercial flight sim that gives you complete control. This means you can dig deeper into the game and create your own graphics including: terrain, airports, or even airplanes.

You can also completely reprogram your flight controls and control response. The graphics and customization are only as limited as your imagination.

This is indeed a wonderful game that has the extreme quality that a expensive flight simulator would have. Trust me, I have played it for hours and hours a day, and I never get tired of it! Its kid friendly and great for any age.
Jerome Gates from Bakersfield, CA USA
You can customize every aspect of your flight; a common feature on flight simulators. From the time of day to the type of navigation; even control over the weather and clouds, as well as the ability to toggle the 3D cockpit on and off–you can do it all! I’m very impressed with the interface overall.
Tyler Thompson
Innovative you exactly what you want: over 85 aircraft, full world terrain, lots of options, and a load of fun. Time Spent: 100 or More Hours.
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying Practice Landing
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying Different Views Available
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying Aircraft Carrier Take Offs
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying Real Life Flying
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flyingCrashes
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flying Accurate Controls


Flight ProFlight Pro FlightProSim is for You

Have you ever wanted to fly a plane or helicopter, but lacked the money or ability to do so? Are you a real pilot looking to improve your skills without having to take off? Do you want to try some dangerous maneuvers without risking your life? Or do you just want to have fun with a more serious game without any violence? If any of these questions apply then FlightProSim™ is perfect for you.

  • Test Your Skills by Flying Different Planes
    Currently you can fly the 1903 Wright Flyer, strange flapping wing "Ornithopters", a 747, A320, various military jets and several light singles.
  • Fly Different Helicopters
    Fly a medical helicopter and land on a remote snow covered mountain, or how about taking charge with the latest military Westland Lynx. The choice is yours...
  • Real Life Helicopter Handling
    In principle everything that applies to real helicopters,applies in this simulator.
  • Land at Your Local Airport
    20,000 + real world airports in the full scenery set.
  • Why Not Fly over Your House?
    With coverage of the whole world you can fly over your house, your local school or even visit your long lost aunt. The destinations are endless...
  • World Wide Scenery
    Accurate Worldwide scenery coverage of the entire world (available separately)
  • Realistic Night Lighting
    Fly at night with the help of ground lighting from urban areas and headlights of oncoming cars on major highways. This is all based on real life maps.
  • Test You Skill:
    You will never get bored with 20,000+ real world airports, 100+ life like planes and scenery coverage of the entire world.
  • Realistic Controls
    All the controls model actual real world instrument behavior. The instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly, gyro drift is modeled correctly, the magnetic compass is subject to aircraft body forces - all those things that make real world flying a challenge are present in FlightProSim™
  • Correct Airport Runway Lighting
    Correct runway markings, placement and approach lighting. Directional airport lighting that smoothly changes intensity as your relative view direction changes.
  • Taxiway Lighting
    Taxiways available for many larger airports (including green center line lights when appropriate)
  • Real Life Runway Elevation
    Sloping runways (runways change elevation like they usually do in real life)
  • Scenery based on Actual Military Data
    Scenery includes all vmap0 lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover...
  • Multiplayer
    Work with other flight fans to fly in formation, do acrobatics or for air - air refueling
  • Real time Integration with Google Maps
    A Google Maps based service shows you exactly where your are in respect to the rest of the live players.
  • Realistic 3D Cockpit views
    Each plane has a realistic 3D cockpit where you can control everything from releasing the brakes to raising the wheels.
  • Have you ever wanted to land on a Aircraft Carrier?
    There is currently support for Aircraft Carrier operations on the Nimitz, (located near San Francisco) and on The Eisenhower. The carriers are equipped with a working catapult, arrestor wires, elevators, TACAN and FLOL.
  • Show off your flying skills
    Keep improving with the ability to record your flight for later analysis or playback.
  • Want to try Air-Air Refueling?
    At present, there are two tanker aircraft (KC135-E and KA6-D) and three receiving aircraft (A4F, Lightning and T38) capable of in-air refueling.
  • Fly with the help of Autopilot
    An autopilot is not an “intelligent” pilot. It just takes over simple tasks for the pilot.
  • Scenery Sets Included to get you started
    You receive the San Francisco Bay and Pacific area maps. Other world areas available to be purchased separately.
  • All from the thriving Open Source Community, this software is forever changing.
  • Shared and Open Source code.
    As a FlightProSim™ member you receive a copy of the full source code. This lets you really enhance your flying experience and to receive the full benifits of an Open Source project. Full source files are also available in our developers area.
  • Moderate Computer Requirements
    Designed to run on any modern computer running
    Win 95/Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions now supported)
    Free Open Graphics Drivers also required.
  • Over 20 planes to get you started + Another 100+ More FREE
    This software includes over 20 planes to get you started. The 100+ other planes can be downloaded for FREE in the members area.
  • Ongoing Support
    We want you to have an enjoyable flying experience, yet we also know their may be times that you get stuck. We offer ongoing support to ensure you stay in the air.
  • 100% Free Updates / Upgrades
    Never pay again, you always receive the latest releases for FREE.

Flight ProFlight ProMultiplayer Mode with Google Maps

Flight Pro

Meet up online with other FlightProSim™ and FlightGear users to fly in formation, put on an air show or just to have fun. You can easily locate other pilots or yourself with Google Map integration.

This game is the best game ever! You will never get tired. The best part is when we get to see all the airports in the world! Its like we get to travel around the world with just this super-duper cool game! it so amazing! for all the players who like to be a pilot, just play this game for your practice...
Iqbal Rosaidi from Malaysia

Flight ProFlight ProFlexible and Open Aircraft Modeling System:

Flight Pro simFlightProSim™ has the ability to model a wide variety of aircraft. Currently there are over 100 different planes and helicopters available for you to fly.

These range from the 1903 Wright Flyer, strange flapping wing "Ornithopters", a 747, A320, various military jets, and several light singles. FlightProSimV2.2.2 has the ability to model those aircraft and just about everything in between.

The infrastructure has been created to allow aircraft designers to build fully animated, fully operational, fully interactive 3D cockpits (which even update and display correctly from Flight Pro simexternal chase plane views.)

FlightProSim™ is proudly part of the Open Source community and is based on the world renown FlightGear project. This means FlightProSim™ is in constant development and keeps getting better and better. If you require further information or want to help develop FlightProSim™ further please have a look at our Developers Area.

FlightProSim™ is a global cooperative development project with contributors and users from just about every continent. Users range from budding home enthusiasts, to pilots, and even as a full blown simulator at aviation museums.

When you are on final approach, dealing with the altitude, airspeed, and power equation while compensating for a crosswind, you feel the magic of flying. After landing, you'll find yourself wanting to go up again and try to do it better.
Chris Hodge

Flight ProFlight ProRealistic Controls:

flight proFlightProSim™ has extremely smooth and fluid instrument animation that updates at the same rate as your out-the-window view updates (i.e. as fast as your computer can crank, and not artificially limited and chunky like in some sims.)

FlightProSim™ realistically models real world instrument behavior. Instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly, gyro drift is modeled correctly, themagnetic compass is subject to aircraft body forces...camel_snowy_aerodrome

Instrument and system failures are also accurately recreated. If the vacuum system fails, the HSI gyros spin down slowly with a corresponding degradation in response as well as a slowly increasing bias/error. All those things that make flying a challenge are accurately recreated to give YOU the most Real Life Flying experience. See the world with FlightProSim™ today!

When flying the simulator in the evening here in the UK, San Francisco was in broad daylight. If I changed the airport to London Stansted, it immediately turned to night. So the program is linked to a world time base to compensate for time of day...
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flyingCessna 172 Landing
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flyingCessna 172 Landing
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flyingLanding a Citation X
  • Flight Pro Sim | Real life flyingLanding a Citation X

Flight ProFlight ProMultiple PC License

Why pay 00's of dollars per computer for a costly flight game when FlightProSim™ lets you play on as many computer as you like? Remember this is a fully Open Sourced Licensed and legal copy of FlightProSim™ to be used at home or work. You may install it on as many systems as you like, with the same license!


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When you are on final approach, dealing with the altitude, airspeed, and power equation while compensating for a crosswind, you feel the magic of flying. After landing, you'll find yourself wanting to go up again and try to do it better.
Chris Hodge
Innovative you exactly what you want: over 100 aircraft, full world terrain, lots of options, and a load of fun. Time Spent: 100 or More Hours.

With so much of the world to see, so many aircraft to fly, and so many excited new players joining in, you’ll be hooked on FlightProSim for a long time. We’re excited to be able to offer you one of the most all-inclusive flight simulator experiences ever known. So hop in, buckle up, and fire your engines.

The ride is just beginning!

Charlie Taylor and The FlightProSim Team!!

Make your travel dreams a reality and take to the skies!
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