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Flight Pro SimYes the download version is great, but the complete game + scenery set comes in at a massive 13 gigs... even a super fast internet connection would take several hours to grab all these files...

Yes that is over 13,000 MB

You may have a slow internet connection, don't have time to wait, or even worse your ISP cuts you off half way through...

Perhaps you like to have a Physical Copy on hand in case your Computer Crashes, or how about giving a copy to your Friend or Loved One as a Present

There are many reasons you may want a Physical Copy, this is why we have put together the The Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Pack.


Flight Pro Sim is a Massive 13 Gigabytes

(Yes, that is over 13,000 MB


"Get The Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Pack Delivered Directly to Your Door"

This Pack Contains 1 x CD + 3 x DVD's...


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PhysicalVersionThe Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Pack Contains...

flightComplete Flight Pro Sim Scenery Files on Three DVD's
Simply put the DVD's into you computer and install the areas you want simple and easy

flightComplete Flight Pro Sim Game on One CD
Put the CD into you computer and it installs, simple and easy

flightFly over the UK, France, China....
Fly over London, The Eiffel Tower or take off from the Frankfurt am Main Airport....

flightFly over America, Canada, Mexico....
Fly over the Grand Canyon, Toronto or take off on the Golden Gate Bridge....

flightFly over Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela....
Fly over the Andes, Amazon Rainforest or take off from the São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport....

flightFly over South Africa, Egypt....
Fly over Johannesburg, into the Red Sea or take off from the Tambo International Airport....

flightFly over Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands....
Fly over Ayers Rock, Sydney Harbor Bridge or take off from the Wigram Airbase....

flightEasy Self Installation Files
Each installation file, installs the scenery into the default installation directory of Flight Pro Sim.

flightRealistic Night Lighting
Ground lighting concentrated in urban areas (based on real maps) and headlights visible on major highways.

flightBased on Military Mapping Data
This scenery includes all vmap0 lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover, etc.

flightSynchronize with Real-World Time
Intelligent AI actually places you in Real Time Lighting Conditions.

flightThere are No Borders in Virtual Reality!
No security checks, no forced stops, no rules, fly under bridges, around buildings, you have complete control

flightFlight Pro Sim Flight School (102 Page Comprehensive Flight Guide)
Tutorials to get you in the air fast

flightFlight Pro Sim Getting Started Guide (190+ Page Comprehensive Flight Guide)
A complete and in depth guide detailing everything you need to know

flightFlight Pro Sim Quick Reference Guide (2 Page Easy Reference Flight Guide)
All the controls you need in an easy to view format

flightAdobe Reader (The industry leader portable document reader)
Just in case you don't have it...

flightAll on an Easy To Use Discs
Simple place the disc in you DVD drive and install. Simple to use

flightDelivered Direct To Your Door
Enter your delivery details and the Latest Version will be delivered directly to your door

flightRetail Version
Each CD / DVD is factory sealed in an individually retail made DVD case

flightGreat for Presents
Know another Flight Fan? Why not send them a copy...

flightDiscounted Price For Members Only
Huge reduction in price for current members

flightSave On Internet Fees
Remember the complete game is over 13 GB (yes over 13,000 MB)

Purchase Now and Also Receive
The Ultimate Air Craft Add-on Pack...


The Flight Pro Sim base package comes jam packed with 20 planes for you to master,
This alone will take you hours and hours...

But if you want to Really Immerse Yourself, and Still Have New Challenges a Year From Now, You need More Aircraft to fly.

This is why For The True Flight Fanatic we have put together, The Ultimate Air Craft Add-on Pack...

Imagine being able to soar through the sky in any one of an additional 50+ planes.


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FlightProSim.comImagine the thrill of flying an F-18 Hornet...

or Mastering a Boeing...

or Tweaking you skills on a Cessna...

or Taking off in a Helicopter...



f4u-finalf4u-finalI loaded the 747 to attempt a flight. Once airborne, you immediately notice the lag in the controls as you attempt to maneuver this juggernaut of the sky.... faithfully reproduces the feeling of flying a “heavy”, with all the sedateness you would expect.

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Secure Your Copy of The Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Pack + Get The Ultimate Air Craft Add-on Pack Free

Save your Internet Connection... The Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Package is a Massive 13 gigs...
(yes this is over 13,000 MB)

Save Your Internet Connection and Get 1 x CD + 3 x DVD's Delivered Direct To Your Door

Physical Product Ordering

FlightProSim Yes, please send me The Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Pack + The Ultimate Air Craft Add-on Pack Directly To My Door.

I also understand this is a Physical Product that will be delivered to my door and contains
One x CD AND Three x DVD's

I understand this is a One Time Offer that is ONLY available to New Flight Pro Sim Members.

I also understand will be charged the Wholesale Price of Only $99.00 + P&P for the Complete Flight Pro Sim Retail Pack



You also will always get 100% free updates and upgrades via the online members area. This means you will always have the latest version for free.

Please note that due to the physical nature of this product the 100% Guarantee does not apply. Updates are available as downloads, physical copies can be sent at a wholesale rate.

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If after all this you still have a few questions, please Drop Us A Line.

We know you will enjoy this game and the Real Life Flying experience it provides.



Charlie Taylor and The FlightProSim Team!!

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