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    What people are saying
    Posted By - admin admin on: Aug-4th, 2013 19:53
    FlightProSim Testimonials','FlightProSim is more 'real to life' than many of the other simulators 
    available. It also allows greater flexibility in terms of options and 
    It also still is (and probably always will be) a work in progress as new options and updates are always being added. 
    Of course as a member you are entitled to 100% free updates. 
    This means you can be playing the latest version in 10 years time all for the low price you pay today.
    If you want a game that has a real challenge, and one that you can find 
    loads of things to still master in a years time, then FlightProSim is 
    for you.
    Even our critics love FlightProSim:
    "My advice is that if you truly want a fun yet challenging real life flying simulator then Flight Pro Sim is essential."
    George Cayley
    "Flightprosim was a massive project, undertaken by a slew of developers 
    over several years, and it shows in the incredible depth the game has to
    "General, this flight simulation software program actually sticks out 
    from others. It’s good for both professional and inexperienced players. 
    It teaches people who are learning to fly from starting up, landing, 
    taxiing, and different skills a pilot must possess."
    Christopher Adams
    "The graphics are very good, with both the interior and exterior of 
    the planes being accurately modelled. The weather effects are also 
    impressive and have excellent visual quality, adding to the diversity 
    of play."
    "We walked away from our Flightprosim review incredibly impressed by the
    package on offer. This sim dwarfs even the mainstream offerings from 
    major companies like m...., and stands alone as the most fully featured 
    and rewarding flight sim currently on the market."
    "As you can see Flight Pro Sim comes with a load of features to make 
    your flight simulator as real as possible. There are so many different 
    areas that I could expand on that makes this software stand out but this
    lens would go on forever. If you are in the market for a flight 
    simulator make sure that you check out Flight Pro Sim"
    "The overall size precision and time put into developing this game meant
    that in our opinion this flight pro sim review agrees with the positive
    reviews that surround this game we think it is probably the best flight
    simulation game available with its on-line multi player mode detailed 
    modelling and real time weather we definitely give it the thumbs up for 
    months if excitement for the aviation enthusiasts and gamer alike."
    "When I sat down to write this FlightProSim Review, it took a minute to 
    put a finger on what made this game so unique. While the absolute 
    attention to even the smallest details is phenomenal and the great 
    graphics provide a visual treat, there was something else that sets it 
    apart from the usual game. Then it hit me.
    What is most unique is how FlightProSim offers a balance for all audiences without sacrificing the experience."